Pop Star Parties can transform, your home or venue in minutes into a fully functional recording studio. We quite literally bring the red carpet to you!

No home or venue is too small.

First choose any song you want and we’ll create your very own web page so you and your friends can enjoy learning the song in advance of the party. You will receive customised invitations with the link to your web page, one for each guest.

On the day, get the party started with a walk down the red carpet, after a quick pose for the cameras why not enjoy a glass of Champagne (under 18's Non alcoholic of course). Each Pop Star is issued with their VIP passes. After a quick practice the recording process will begin. We record everyone singing together, so don’t worry there are no solos.

Show off your vocal skills with half an hour Disco Karaoke.

For best single of the year, enjoy your very own presentation ceremony. Receive your custom printed CD’s. The birthday girl also receives a Framed Disc to hang on her wall and a photo CDR with all the photo’s taken throughout the 2 hour party.

For a little extra why not shoot your very own Pop Video.

Click here for examples.

The total time allocated for each party is up to

 2 hours; this includes any time you may

require for food.